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African Drumming

Enjoy exciting and earthy tones of African Djembe drumming

Coming from the West coast of Africa the Djembe is possibly the most recognisable of all African drums, with it's goblet shape and unique sound.

We can tailor the day to suit your requirements and help put together a suitable timetable.


A typical day will involve a series of workshops followed by an assembly where each class can perform their piece of African Drum music.

In the workshops we:

  • Teach the basic playing technique for the instruments

  • Explain the cultural significance of the artform

  • Have fun learning how to work together to perform a piece of music

  • Use music as a means to develop listening, social and team work skills

  • Have age appropriate material for all school years, primary and secondary

  • Supply all equipment which is well maintained and safe for use in School

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Workshops cost:

Full Day £395.00

Half Day £250.00

Ask about a booking

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